Our Trip to the San Diego Padres


I’m coming up on five years living in San Diego now. That’s a pretty long time, but San Diego is a big city, so there will always be things I haven’t been able to do yet. That said, five years is a lot of time not to make it to a Padres game, even for someone that isn’t into pro sports. Let’s look at it this way: I managed to make it to a few games here and there while living in Santa Fe, a solid days drive from any team. Now, with five years in San Diego under my belt? None. Kendall, even more surprisingly, has never been to an MLB game at all. Due to a very generous offer by Kendall’s friend Mandi and her mom, we finally made it out to Petco Park to see the San Diego Padres face off against the Miami Marlins.

The best part about going to this particular game was the seats we had. They were awesome, as you can see below. The game was great as well. Runs were scored in more innings that not, which keeps things far more interesting than the many MLB games that’ll go well into the nine innings without any scoring. Three home runs were hit, and the Padres’ two were accompanied by a massive fog horn and towers of flames behind center field. The Padres seem to have a pretty poor record this year (and many years), so if you have a choice in dates it might be wise to choose a game where they aren’t looking to get slaughtered (like they did with an 8-0 score to Kansas City a few days before we saw them). Another benefit of stumbling on great seats like we did? You’ll actually get on the crowd cam (possibly three times like we did, if you’re as good looking as us).


Our excellent seats at Petco Park for the Padres v. Marlins game

I also really enjoyed Petco Park itself. The stadium was celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, but was still much cleaner than the average pro sports venue. Parking wasn’t hard to find despite this being a Saturday night game and arriving at the last minute. A special treat was seeing some of my favorite local eateries had set up shop in the park (Hodad’s, The Baked Bear, and Ballast Point to name a few). Of course, you’ll pay at your nose to enjoy these treats in the park, but it beats a $9.50 slice of greasy cheese pizza.

Padres Home Run

The Padres’ Home Run Flames

Baseball games are a great diversion, even if you aren’t a big sports fan. The pace of the action is just right that it can bring a group of people together to enjoy themselves together, without demanding everyone’s full attention. So get out there, enjoy the stadium and game, and go Pads!

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