Tokopah Falls, Sequoia National Park

While not quite as famous as the Sequoia’s Morro Rock or General Sherman Tree, Tokopah falls is one of the highlights of the park. From the Lodgepole campground, it’s a short hike along the Kaweah river under the pines and towering granite monoliths to reach this impressive waterfall.

Unlike Yosemite’s famous waterfalls which are generally one giant column, Tokopah falls features water flowing in many directions at many speeds. As such, it’s beautiful no matter how much water is flowing at the time you hike to it. After two miles of hiking, you’ll be awarded with the beautiful views and powerful sound of the falls.


Tokopah Falls is impressive no matter the season

The hike is relatively flat and unexposed, making it a perfect snowshoe hike should you visit in the winter. We visited in early spring, and were greeted with lots of water flowing despite the drought conditions California is currently experiencing.

The "Watchtower", a giant monolith that towers over the Tokopah Valley

The “Watchtower”, a giant monolith that towers over the Tokopah Valley

The hike itself affords great views along its entire length – so much so that it was our favorite hike of our whole trip. If you’re in Sequoia, you should definitely make this hike – and check out the Lodgepole campground below of you come in the summer months.

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