Tickets Purchased! Our Trip to Croatia and Slovenia


Over the last half of a year, Kendall and I have been piecing together a trip to Croatia and Slovenia for next summer. Many hours have been spent whittling away at an impossibly large list of picturesque Mediterranean towns, weighing Venice versus a crack at the Alps in Slovenia, and generally fitting a mountain of adventure into a two week itinerary. Now, we’ve arrived at a milestone in the planning – the baseline itinerary has been selected and the plane tickets are purchased!

The adventure begins on Thursday the 14th of May, just a few weeks after Kendall’s graduation. We will high-tail it to LAX after work, where we will hop on a flight and emerge on Friday in Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. After briefly checking out the city and heading to the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we’ll hop on a puddle jumper down to Dubrovnik and work our way back up the coast, stopping for a few days on the Island of Vis.

Our Route through Croatia and Slovenia

Our Route through Croatia and Slovenia

There’s certainly more work in store to make sure that we’re good and ready, but it should only get more fun from here on out. First, we have to choose our pick of beachside apartments and cozy mountain cabins in each of the destinations, all of which go for around $70 a night. Since our time is limited, we will be making a hit list of sights, activities, restaurants, and more for each destination, and we’ll keep you updated as more becomes known. For now, just know that the blog should be getting pretty exciting next spring!

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