Christmas in San Diego: What to Do


When you think of Christmas, you probably picture snow-covered pine trees, a crackling fire, and brisk winter air. Fun Christmas activities might include ice skating, sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding, and perhaps even a sleigh ride.  As I grew up in a small ski town, this is certainly what I picture when I think of Christmas. Needless to say, most of these activities are unavailable in actual San Diego city limits – although we might consider the 60-degree nights “brisk winter air.” Fortunately, San Diego offers a wide array of Christmas activities to put you in the Christmas spirit; some of which are unique to San Diego! Read on to know what the “must-do’s” in San Diego for Christmas are.

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Weekend With the Family

Joe out on the cliffs

Last weekend, my parents came out to visit San Diego from Arizona. Every time they visit we try to incorporate something new, but it is getting harder and harder the longer I live in San Diego. Luckily, I keep exploring more of San Diego and have a spreadsheet bluntly entitled “Places to Take Parents.” Unfortunately, this visit was too short to do some of the things I had on the list (snorkeling/kayaking in La Jolla cove was among them), but we of course had an amazing visit nonetheless. Much of the time was simply spent sitting out on the porch, catching up with some good espresso and tea.

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