Ten Reasons You Should Go to Oceanfront Yoga

oceanfront yoga

One of my favorite weekend activities, when I am in town, is going to oceanfront yoga at the end of Law Street in Pacific Beach. I can walk there in ten minutes, but I used to drive to the class before I lived in Pacific Beach – so don’t let living elsewhere be your excuse.

Here are ten reasons to go to Oceanfront yoga:

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July 4th San Diego Style


San Diego is a great place to be for the fourth. The days are long in the summer; the water is warm and inviting, and the coast towns are alive and full of action, and this only more true for the fourth. Most of San Diego makes their way to somewhere on the water for the fourth, and for us, that meant starting our day at Kendall’s place in Pacific Beach.

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San Diego in a Day – Seasoned Edition


Recently, my dad and brother came through San Diego for a whirlwind trip. They were heading up to the Bay Area in a hurry for Kevin to start his internship, so we attempted to make the most of the one day we had to get out and enjoy San Diego on a typical beautiful May weekend. As they’ve visited me quite a few times since I’ve been living in San Diego, we have to try a bit harder these days to show them new things in San Diego; we couldn’t pull your average Balboa/SeaWorld/La Jolla whirlwind tour. As such, the following would be a good one day itinerary to take your out-of-town guests on that are a little more experienced with San Diego.

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Time of Change – Moving and Finals


My junior year is complete! It sounds far too cliche to say “It feels like just yesterday I was sitting at freshman orientation…” and I know I’ll be saying the same thing a year from now when I graduate…but it is true! I have a summer internship starting in a week, and I just finished moving into a new house. Not only did I move to an entirely new part of San Diego, but I am now living by myself.

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