Ice Bucket Challenge – Optimizing Adventure Style

By now, you’re all aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that’s been all over your social media accounts, television screens, etc. for the last week or two. The other day, I received a challenge from my cousin¬†Cameron. I knew I had to accept, but I wasn’t up for the typical challenge. This being Optimizing Adventure, I decided to answer the following questions:

  • How can I make the Ice Bucket Challenge more Adventerous?
  • Where would I most like to get a bucket of ice dumped on my head?

Click through to see the answers and my Ice Bucket Challenge video! If you like it, consider making a donation if you haven’t already.

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Mountain Biking at La Costa Preserve – Video

Mountain Biking at La Costa Preserve

I’ve mentioned in several posts now that one of the great things about San Diego and the country as a whole is that open space is plentiful and well distributed. Wherever you are, you can be on a trail within minutes. In Carlsbad area, one of these neighborhood trail systems is the La Costa Preserve. My co-worker Steve and I often ride mountain bikes here after work, and¬†it’s quickly become one of my favorite local rides in the area – not something you’d drive too far to seek out, but an awesome option if you live or work near or are just passing through. Click through to watch a quick video that I’ve put together using GoPro footage from a few of our rides there.

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