Montenegro – Small Country, Many Faces


While we spent the vast bulk of our trip in Croatia and Slovenia, it seemed wasteful not to bag a few other countries in our passports with many borders only miles away from our core route. This is nowhere more the case than in Dubrovnik, which despite being Croatia’s most famous international tourist destination, is actually separated from the rest of its country by other nations and the Adriatic. To head north to the rest of Croatia by land, you must pass through a narrow strip of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an artifact of a land sale by an independent Dubrovnik to shield itself from the Venetian republic. Head south from Dubrovnik, and you’ll soon be leaving Croatia in this direction as well. After passing through a curiously long no-mans land between the borders, you’ll enter Montenegro, one of the youngest countries on earth. In fact, your authors were already teenagers before this country existed.

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