Cedar Creek Falls – Hike or Death March?


A few years ago, Joe and I spent our first weekend away together in Julian, CA. He planned the entire trip and made it a surprise, even though my curious mind begged him for details. His gave me one hint: apple. I would easily be able to guess the destination given that hint now, but at the time I had not been in San Diego long and had yet to hear of Julian. I was therefore surprised and didn’t know what to expect from the weekend once we arrived. Unwisely, the first thing Joe had on the agenda was the Cedar Creek Falls hike. The temperature was approaching one hundred when we descended into the canyon toward the waterfall. I was impressed by the mountains around us as we walked, and was not expecting a waterfall even though Joe had told me to wear my swimsuit. The water was extremely cold, but it felt great after the hot three miles down. I thought this weekend is going to be awesome. Then we had to go back up.

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Weekend Trip to Julian

Yup, summer weekend trip season is still in full swing around here at Optimizing Adventure. After a relaxing and luxurious (for us) trip to Palm Springs, we were ready to rough it a little more and be active – more of our usual style. Our destination: Julian, the small mountain town a little over an hour’s drive from San Diego. Originally a mining town, Julian is now a fairly sleepy local’s getaway (you’ll run into mostly fellow San Diegans) famous for its Apple Pie. It should be at the top of anyone’s list looking for a SoCal weekend getaway, as there’s something for everyone: foodies, art-lovers, outdoors lovers, etc. will all be happy here. We partook in a wide range of the activities that are available in the area, so read on to find out more.

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