Summer 2014 Almost Over

crystal cove flip flops

As I write this, I’m just beginning to enjoy the part of the summer I have been most looking forward to. For another three weeks I am free to wake up at any time I please, spend an entire morning reading a book, or stay out late without having to feel sluggish doing “thinking” work the next day. (I am also free to work on my 21-item to do list). My co-writer is quick to remind me that the time I have before school starts is the entire sum of vacation he is allotted per year. He is also quick to remind me that this will most likely be true for me next year, so rest assured I am making the most of this break.

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Summer 2014 Officially Begins

Each passing semester of school feels like a new chapter for me, but summers are usually markedly different. It couldn’t feel any more like summer now that I live steps away from the beach and an increasingly crowded boardwalk! I love hearing all the beach-goers walking by and being reminded that San Diego is the best place to be in the summer (I hope to remember this once June gloom sets in). I am definitely looking forward to all of the free weekends I currently have on the calendar…it has been months since I’ve seen one of those! Lastly, I am excited for a change of schedule, even though it means waking up at 6 am. Maximize daylight hours, right? My favorite thing about school being out is no little voice in the back of  my head reminding me that I should be studying, but this summer I must keep listening to it as I have to study for the GRE!  As annoying as studying in the summer is, I am also doing a full-time internship – which is basically like getting paid to learn! Joe and I now work at the same company (though we are across the campus from each other) and can take embarrassing (and blurry) “first day of work together” pictures like this.

first day of work

Let summer 2014 begin!

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