Using AirBnB: Sequoia National Park


Have you heard about the sharing economy? It’s the latest and greatest phenomenon spawned by the internet, and is all the rage now that social media is old hat. Sharing economy businesses all have a common thread in that they allow users to make use of some excess in their life. Want to rent out a seat at your dining table every time you cook an extravagant meal? You can do that. Got an empty closet that someone can use for storage? It’s now rentable with a few mouse clicks. Have a guest house and live in San Diego? Say hello to your new vacation rental. While none of these activities were technically impossible before, but thanks to the web and the presence of companies that aggregate the things to be shared and ensure accountability for the sharer and the borrower, it’s now realistic for everyone to participate. We jumped into our first foray into the sharing economy with great success.

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Weekend Trip to Palm Springs Part 2



I thought the tramway up the mountain was going to be my favorite part of our Palm Springs trip, but that was before I experienced Great Shakes. My dad makes amazing milkshakes, so I’ve grown up with milkshake standards, but I have to say that these were the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. They even put mini and delicious donuts on each and every shake. Blueberry Lemon Lavender…Key Lime Pie (with real lime juice and pie crust)…Butterscotch Orange Cream…our choices start to sound boring after reading those amazing flavors.

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