Black Canyon – Kayaking on the Colorado River

Kendall and I drifting down the Colorado River, in Black Canyon

Imagine drifting down the crystal-clear Colorado River, surrounded by the beautiful walls of Black Canyon, thousands of feet tall. The temperature is a perfect 80 degrees, with no wind to be felt and calm blue skies presiding. The only sounds to be heard are provided by the occasional strokes of your paddle, and the occasional variety of ducks slapping the water with their wings as they struggle to take flight. “Sounds awesome”, you may say. Or, you might be thinking that while the setting sounds nice, you’d prefer a few more creature comforts. Fear not, as you have a cooler and a stove strapped to your boat carrying your favorite meal and beverage. Although you’ll be miles away from the closest road, you can camp in relative luxury since you have a boat to bear the load of any heavy indulgences you may want to bring along. The best part? This adventure can be had as a weekend trip from Southern California, Arizona, and much of Utah and Nevada, and on a shoestring budget at that. Kendall and I did just that recently, so here’s what you need to know if you’d like to make this adventure your own.

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