Junior Year Lessons

Every year of college has been different and has taught me incredible lessons, but if I could characterize my past year of college in one way, I would say it was my year of growing up. Not freshman year? Not the year I went out of my home state, met all new people, and tackled college classes for the first time? Not sophomore year? Not the year I left my family and friends behind to live in a new country, and re-learned an entire culture? I certainly was exposed to a long list of different things and was forced to grow up in those years, but junior year has been my year of deepest growth. I’ve felt like it was a year of taking all the experiences I’ve had so far and putting them together. There is something more insightful in discovering how you react in the familiar rather than the unfamiliar – when you aren’t constantly reacting to new stimulations you have the chance to understand how you react in the pattern. You learn your true passions, fears, frustrations, and are able to combine them all into a clearer picture of yourself. It has taken a great deal of introspection, but finally being comfortable has allowed me to get uncomfortable with myself. Here are a few things I have realized about myself this year, and am starting to accept:

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