Kayaking on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia

In the year leading up to our trip to Croatia and Slovenia, Joe and I were asked many times why we had chosen those particular countries to visit. Once we learned a bit about this region of the world,  it was an easy decision. The more interesting question is how did we ever find out about these countries in the first place.

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Walking the Walls of Dubrovnik


After a breakfast on our beautiful balcony on the outskirts of Dubrovnik, it was time to make the trek by bus to Old Town and traverse the city’s famous walls. Making a loop around the walls (some of which date bake to the 12th century) is a top item on most visitors’ lists. Unfortunately for us, it was already a roasting day by the time we scaled the first steps of many that are required to make the complete loop. Less than a quarter of the way around, we stopped for an iced coffee to cool down and wondered if we would make the rest of the journey.

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Above the Beautiful Town of Dubrovnik via the Cable Car

After seeing what I thought would be the most breathtaking views of the entire trip at Plitvice, we hopped on a a plane from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. Luckily air travel in Croatia is extremely cheap; Croatia is a small country, but it is very long and Dubrovnik is at the bottom. It had been rainy and foggy during our brief time in Zagreb and Plitvice, so when I saw the sun as we flew into Dubrovnik I was instantly excited.

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