K1 Speed Go Karts


A good adventure often has a bit of an adrenaline rush involved. There’s something about stepping outside your comfort zone – pushing beyond the boundaries of what you are easily comfortable doing, and enjoying the thrill and sense of accomplishment that goes along with that. Speed and acceleration are great ways to push that boundary, and while skiing and mountain biking are my normal fixes, go karting offers an accessible and entertaining way to go faster and turn harder than you’re used to. With Kendall’s family in town and her dad’s birthday needing to be celebrated, we figured a trip to K1 Speed in Carlsbad was in order.

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A Visit to the Carlsbad Flower Fields

Flower Fields

For most of my life I have staunchly declared that I hate flowers. They don’t last long enough, they are a waste of money, and they are certainly not useful. My dislike was strong enough that different dates have often given me chocolate instead of the customary flowers (although I graciously accepted flowers when they were unaware). As I think about visiting the flower fields as a young child, I am reminded of a feeling of extreme boredom. Strolling through fifty acres of Rananculus flowers? For hours? I don’t think the 1,500 square foot green house filled with Poinsettias held my attention either. Not even the views of the Pacific Ocean from the fields could impress me at that age. Perhaps the tractor ride would have been fun, but at $5 a person my parents would not have taken me on it.


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Mountain Biking at La Costa Preserve – Video

Mountain Biking at La Costa Preserve

I’ve mentioned in several posts now that one of the great things about San Diego and the country as a whole is that open space is plentiful and well distributed. Wherever you are, you can be on a trail within minutes. In Carlsbad area, one of these neighborhood trail systems is the La Costa Preserve. My co-worker Steve and I often ride mountain bikes here after work, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite local rides in the area – not something you’d drive too far to seek out, but an awesome option if you live or work near or are just passing through. Click through to watch a quick video that I’ve put together using GoPro footage from a few of our rides there.

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