Guide to Sequoia National Park


It’s no secret: if you want to see a showcase of the most beautiful terrain that our country has to offer, you can’t do much better than pointing yourself toward a National Park. Often overlooked for the more well known Yosemite National Park, Seqouia and Kings Canyon National Park is the other reserve set up to showcase the beautiful Sierra Nevadas of California. You enter the park north of Bakersfield, as you drive through the town of Three Rivers which is strung along the North Fork of the Kaweah river.

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Lake Tahoe Skiing at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows


75 degrees. That’s what the thermometer is reading as I type this in San Diego, in January, at only 10 AM. California should be deep into winter right now, but we’re not – and that’s obvious everywhere from this sunny cafe a few miles from the beach, to the mountains that should have snow. In our quest to teach Kendall how to ski (more on that at some point), we’ve been visiting Snow Valley, a small ski area on the road up to Big Bear Lake, only 2 hours from my doorstep. Last time we were up there, the mercury climbed above 60. I was burning up in a windbreaker and a t-shirt. If it weren’t for their furious overnight snow making, they’d make a much better business as a water skiing venue. “Well”, you might be saying, “big surprise that you aren’t making snow angels in Southern California. Go find some real snow”. But the big guns aren’t faring well either.

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Adventure in Everyday Life

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai,HI

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii

A sense of adventure is something many of us either feel like we have or we don’t. No one sits on middle ground here; we are adventurous or we are not. Those people that cliff dive…those people are adventurous. Those people that surf in forty-foot waves…those people are adventurous. Adventure is something we too often reserve for associations with extreme sports and life-threatening situations.

I, however, consider adventure to be a word synonymous with exploration. And everyone should have a sense of adventure in their life.

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