Hornblower Dinner/Brunch Cruises

San Diego Skyline from Brunch Cruise

I think it’s time for a new feature on the blog. We’ll file these under “Tourist Traps You Should Get Caught In”, and man are we going to start it off right today. Now, you may think that someone suggesting any tourist trap should be pursued deserves to spend eternity running laps around the Colosseum in Rome, while being allowed only to find nourishment at a restaurant right in front called Luigi’s – where the decor consists of a fat and short mustached chef sculpture and the menus are printed in English (!) . However, I promise that I hate tourist traps an adequate amount for being a true adventure seeker like we claim to be around here – so give me a chance!

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Birthday: Disneyland and The Ritz

Toast at Dublin 4 Gastropub

Last weekend I drove up to Laguna Hills (about an hour North) to celebrate my friend Cassidy’s 21st birthday. I wanted to share a few pictures from the weekend.

As soon as I arrived on Friday, we went to a trendy Irish pub where Cassidy had her ID inspected for the very first time. We had some delicious foods and desserts – such as Guinness flavored ice cream and orange bread pudding. The backyard of Cassidy’s house has an in ground jacuzzi overlooking a beautiful green canyon, which we enjoyed before going to sleep.

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