Summertime on the Water – Oceanside Kayaking and Ship N A Bottle


We’re never ones to turn down an excuse to get on the water – but even we don’t usually get out twice in a week. Last week, we were lucky enough to go twice in two days!

On Thursday, we loaded up the kayak for an after-work paddle in Oceanside Harbor, just a few more miles north of where we work. Kendall brought a couple of co-workers along as well, so we took turns paddling and relaxing on the dock. With perfect weather and the long summertime evenings we’re currently enjoying, it made for an awesome Thursday evening. Quick tips for kayaking here, since this information is hard to come by elsewhere on the internet:

  • Proceed directly to the boat ramp to unload your kayak and gear. There isn’t a good place to park and launch in close proximity.
  • Park at the free parking lot located here, while your kayaking buddy waits with the gear at the boat ramp dock. If you’re going solo, this isn’t the best place – but there is pay parking closer to the boat ramp.
Kendall showing her intern friend the ropes!

Kendall showing her intern friend the ropes!

The harbor is pretty small – you will be able to loop the whole thing in 20 minutes. If you’re up for more adventure, you can leave the harbor and kayak along the beach side – just be prepared for a decent swell.

Kendall and I exploring Oceanside Harbor by kayak

Kendall and I exploring Oceanside Harbor by kayak

On Friday evening, we went for a cruise on Mission Bay through Ship ‘N a Bottle that I had got for Kendall as a Christmas present. The cruise is on a small, electric powered boat that holds six. Don’t go expecting a brisk ride (we’ve launched from the same dock and covered much more ground in our kayak in the allotted 90 minutes for this cruise) – but you will have a comfortable and relaxing time.


The Ship N a Bottle Boat in all of its glory!

I’d recommend waiting for a Groupon to check this one out – don’t pay the full price. For the Groupon amount, it’s one of the cheapest ways to get on the water short of buying a kayak.


Aboard Ship N a Bottle

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