Summer 2014 Almost Over

crystal cove flip flops

As I write this, I’m just beginning to enjoy the part of the summer I have been most looking forward to. For another three weeks I am free to wake up at any time I please, spend an entire morning reading a book, or stay out late without having to feel sluggish doing “thinking” work the next day. (I am also free to work on my 21-item to do list). My co-writer is quick to remind me that the time I have before school starts is the entire sum of vacation he is allotted per year. He is also quick to remind me that this will most likely be true for me next year, so rest assured I am making the most of this break.

The second half of summer went by quickly. I got to visit my friend Cassidy up in Laguna Hills about an hour north. It is beautiful up there…and definitely somewhere I’d like to spend more time. We went to the beach and enjoyed great company and good food. And ate the best bread pudding ever.

Cassidy and I at Crystal Cove

Cassidy and I at Crystal Cove


Dana Point harbor

Dana Point harbor

Famed bread pudding

Famed bread pudding

Next I had my birthday and Vegas trip, which was a huge highlight of the summer. On my actual birthday (a weekday), my intern teammates took me out to Karl Strauss. Then for dinner, I invited a few friends last minute out to my favorite place: Extraordinary Desserts.

kendall 21 bday


joe kendall bday

The next thing I knew my intern team was presenting our project alongside the rest of the semester teams. I really enjoyed my internship experience this summer as I think it taught me a lot about working with others. I also felt like it really taught me how much I don’t know, so I am eagerly awaiting going back to school with a list full of questions in the back of my mind. After my internship last summer, I felt like I had become a much stronger programmer. This summer I am not really sure technically how much I grew. I had a more hands-off supervisor, so I certainly became better at coming up with my own ideas rather than ever being told what to do or how to do it. However, I’m still uncertain of what path I want to take in the future. Here are a few pictures of my intern group when our supervisor took us out for a beachside dinner.

photo 2

Kaitlyn goes to school in New York

photo 3

Branden goes to school in Humboldt

intern team

And here is a picture with our project poster and some of my professors who came to hear my presentation. I am so blessed to have professors who care so much about their students.

viasat poster

After a sun-filled weekend in Lake Powell followed by a day at Fossil Creek, I have one free day before I leave to Colorado with my family tomorrow. I have doctor’s appointments where I will hopefully figure out some way to relieve the back pain that has bothered me the past eight years (and especially this summer). One I get back from Colorado I have one day before I fly back to San Diego for a good friend’s wedding. Time just keeps flying!

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