Senior Year?!?!

I know it has been a good length of time since my last blog post, and it has been difficult to keep in close contact with everyone lately, so I thought I would write to update my family about my start back to school. I can’t believe I am a senior; it has actually made me strangely nostalgic. I see the big groups of freshman girls walking around campus with the cafeteria ice cream cones and I remember being one of those girls. I remember going everywhere with my entire hall, like every other freshman, and not missing a single campus activity that served food or frozen yogurt. I also remember marveling almost daily at the sun setting over the ocean (I always got a great view on the walk back to my dorm.) The best part about being a freshman is that you’re constantly meeting someone new and making a new friend; how exciting was life back then! Though I never missed freshman year until now, dwelling mainly on thoughts about dorming, I do have to say I miss pieces of it. Here I am starting school my first day of college. 



I never expected to become so busy with school this semester. In the past, even with difficult classes, I’ve been able to usually get all homework done by five and leave my evenings free to relax. I do this by waking up much earlier than your typical college student and taking absolutely no small break during the day for anything but schoolwork or friends until five. I’m not sure why I had the brilliant idea to take four lab classes in one semester on my senior year….but that is what I signed up. Not only do those added labs mean extra time spent in class for four days a week, but then you often take them home for homework as well. In contrast to my last three years of college, I’ve been working at the same non-stop pace all day, but that now continues into the evening (though I usually take a break to eat dinner). Anyways, every college student could go on forever about how busy their lives are, whether they are taking one class or six classes. This year I’ve just seen a complete change compared to the past three years of college.

I tried to do choir again, but that left me at school from morning until past nine at night, and I was having a hard time enjoying it thinking about all the work I had sitting to do once I got back home. However, I did take a surfing class which has been a lot of fun. It is hard to remember any school-related stress when you are out in the waves as the sun is setting. A few friends are taking the class with me:


I spent an extremely minimal amount of time looking for jobs…there aren’t many available so early and I didn’t have much time to spend on it. I accepted a job offer and will start June 8. I must admit it is very nice to be able to think about graduating, even though it is far away from this point, and know I have a plan. I know where I will be working and approximately where I will be living. I can put all those thoughts in the back of my brain, which is a huge blessing as a senior in college.

Even though school has been crazy, I have really enjoyed my classes this year. My computer architecture class has been really interesting as my all-or-nothing learning style appreciates knowing how things work down to the smallest circuits in a computer. My statistics class and learning R has been really good future and practical knowledge. In software engineering I am leading a group of eight to do a game-playing artificial intelligence android app. I think it will be challenging but a lot of fun. Physics…has been my worst time-sucker as I do homework for that class every day, sometimes all day on weekends. Our class has been moving extremely quickly with a first-time teacher driving, and half the class has already decided to get off the bus. The other half is failing. Luckily, Joe is an amazingly patient tutor and is willing to spend 20 hours of his own time every week working on my physics homework with me. Pretty amazing guy, because I think we all know I wouldn’t do that!

I have been getting massages and cupping done on my back. It has been hurting as usual…. I try to work it out and stretch it every day, but this can’t combat the long hours spent studying in a chair. I am hoping next semester will be better?

Though it has been a bit harder, we’ve managed to squeeze in more Pacific Beach exploring, some taco Tuesdays with friends, birthday parties on the beach, and visits with my family. Some of our adventures lately include the air show and a birthday on a party bus. It has been so warm this year I have yet to put on a pair of jeans. We’ll see if I can make it until November.

Here are a few pictures.

Celebrating our anniversary at the Science Museum. (What??)




This is back at the spot where Joe told me we needed to start dating. IMG_2613

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