Talking About Feelings


Anyone who has read any type of advice about relationships knows there are essentially two skills one must learn to have a successful one.

  1. How to communicate your feelings
  2. How to listen to others communicate their feelings

Talk and listen…it seems simple enough. Most close and loving relationships are usually born from this simple exchange – you probably liked what the other person had to say because you were listening, and the feeling was presumably mutual. However, it is common knowledge to those working on relationships that mastering these abilities can take years of practice and be incredibly difficult.

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Company Party at the Grand Hyatt

This year, Joe and I headed back from my home in Flagstaff, Arizona to attend his company’s holiday party. It was held in the ritzy Grand Hyatt right in the Gaslamp section of downtown San Diego. A few years ago, Joe and I had a habit of grabbing dessert at nearby Extraordinary Desserts and walking to the Hyatt to see the view from the top of the tower. It is truly spectacular; forty-one floors up you can view the San Diego bay and Coronado bridge from one side while looking into the Padres stadium from the other. Suffice it to say, a better location could not have been chosen for this holiday party.

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Santa Fe Faralitos: A Christmas Tradition


This year, we found ourselves in Santa Fe, NM for Christmas, along with my family and relatives. While there were many typical Christmas highlights (learning the card-slapping game of Squeek, working on skiing with Kendall, etc.), a particularly exciting thing about Christmas in Santa Fe is the city’s tradition with Farolitos (known elsewhere as Luminarias). All over the city, but especially in the downtown and Canyon Road area, sidewalks and buildings are lined with the softly glowing brown bags on Christmas Eve. After nightfall, a huge chunk of the city gathers to walk the streets of downtown and Canyon Road to enjoy the lights together amongst friends and family, warm drinks, and many bonfires arranged down the streets. Even with the snow-less buildings and trees and temperatures in the teens, this years walk was a great one as always.

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Christmas 2014 in Flagstaff


This year Joe and I were lucky enough to have one Christmas in Flagstaff, AZ and another in Santa Fe, NM. Funnily enough, these two towns share similar climate and small-town feel. While we were in Flagstaff, we woke up to over a foot of snow. Though it snowed all of New Years Eve and ruined our New Years plans, we were both glad to get a “White Christmas” before we headed back to ever-sunny San Diego.

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Top 5 Cars for an Adventure


A few weeks ago, we headed up to Los Angeles for one of the better reasons to make a trip up there – the annual LA Auto Show. It’s a pretty strange experience – walking through a carpeted parking lot full of nearly every car currently made, all of which you can take a seat in and see if they fit your liking. Whether you are in to 500+ horsepower leather-lined rockets, massive luxury trucks that weigh more than some domiciles, or the humble 3 cylinder subcompacts, everything is represented. Fear not, as we’re here to sort out the mess of the current automotive landscape for you!

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Christmas in San Diego: What to Do


When you think of Christmas, you probably picture snow-covered pine trees, a crackling fire, and brisk winter air. Fun Christmas activities might include ice skating, sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding, and perhaps even a sleigh ride.  As I grew up in a small ski town, this is certainly what I picture when I think of Christmas. Needless to say, most of these activities are unavailable in actual San Diego city limits – although we might consider the 60-degree nights “brisk winter air.” Fortunately, San Diego offers a wide array of Christmas activities to put you in the Christmas spirit; some of which are unique to San Diego! Read on to know what the “must-do’s” in San Diego for Christmas are.

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Tickets Purchased! Our Trip to Croatia and Slovenia


Over the last half of a year, Kendall and I have been piecing together a trip to Croatia and Slovenia for next summer. Many hours have been spent whittling away at an impossibly large list of picturesque Mediterranean towns, weighing Venice versus a crack at the Alps in Slovenia, and generally fitting a mountain of adventure into a two week itinerary. Now, we’ve arrived at a milestone in the planning – the baseline itinerary has been selected and the plane tickets are purchased!

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Go See The Hunchback of Notre Dame at The La Jolla Playhouse



There are numerous reasons I’ve been waiting excitedly for months to go see The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have been a fan of the Disney movie, on which the play is partially based, since childhood. Every time I re-watch it, however, I realize just how dark the tone and themes of the story are and wonder why millions of children love the Disney movie so much. I consider it the darkest Disney  movie, which is probably why it has always been my favorite.

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Miramar Air Show


Early fall brings a few things to San Diego. One of these is usually a heat wave. You’d think early October in San Diego would be a time for cooling temperatures after the beach crowds have left, but that never seems to be the case. I’ve moved into new dorms/rooms/condos in San Diego around this time of year 4 times since I’ve been here. All but one of these were accessed by stairs, so suffice to say I’ve grown to despise this early fall heat wave. Despite the blistering temperatures, myself and what seems like 3/4ths of San Diego brave the temperatures to stand on the blistering tarmac at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and catch their yearly October air show – the largest military air show in the U.S. After a hiatus due to the government shutdown last year, we ventured back to the air show with Kendall’s family last month.

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Ten Reasons You Should Go to Oceanfront Yoga

oceanfront yoga

One of my favorite weekend activities, when I am in town, is going to oceanfront yoga at the end of Law Street in Pacific Beach. I can walk there in ten minutes, but I used to drive to the class before I lived in Pacific Beach – so don’t let living elsewhere be your excuse.

Here are ten reasons to go to Oceanfront yoga:

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