A Review of Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain

I have a mixture of love and hate for Magic Mountain. I love roller coasters…even though they aren’t very scary after the first time. Going fast and upside down is one of the best feelings in life (this is coming from a former gymnast)! However, there are a few things that bother me about the park in general. I think my overall feelings can best be summed up by a list of simple pros and cons.

The atmosphere: I see so many teenagers kissing I feel like I’m waiting in line in a middle school hallway.

Parking: I am currently paying more for parking than I am to actually go to Six Flags. This fact bothers me. And yes, I’ve researched parking alternatives and they are not very viable.

Broken Rides: I guess this is somewhat expected when going to a theme park, but a ride has broken down every time I’ve been to Six Flags. I’ve had to evacuate off a roller coaster onto the track once, and why must I always play the Should I Wait For It To Be Fixed or Leave The Front of the Line Game? I’ve played at least ten times on Tatsu and my success rate is still low.

Food: Six Flags attendees are definitely not vegetarian. I therefore haven’t sampled much of the cuisine, but I’ve lived to tell the tale of a few things I bought for “lunch”: Nachos with more cheese than chips, pretzels with more salt than dough, and salad with more…wait there was absolutely nothing in it. And – all of the water fountains are broken.

Crowds: I’m mathematically-minded enough that I’ve wanted to calculate my time on ride / time spent waiting in line ratio but economically-minded enough that I haven’t been able to yet.

Flash Pass: The smirking spoiled boy who rode in the front of Goliath twice in a row  is still making me angry.


Price: Compared to other theme parks that Must Not Be Named, Magic Mountain is a much cheaper alternative. You won’t see any Disney Princesses, but you might see a hungover resemblance of Superman.

Rides: Joe’s going to post a review of all the rides. But the roller coasters really can’t be beat.

The price of the rides is obviously the only reason to go to Six Flags. They’re great.


Thanks to the Superbowl we were able to ride on the front of almost every ride, sometimes without getting off.

Arrive before the park opens and sprint to the first ride before the spoiled boy with the Flash Pass gets there. This is a good time to bag X2, Tatsu (before it breaks), or Goliath.

Don’t bring a bag of any kind, as some rides force you to pay for a $1 locker.

Wear pockets with buttons. This is probably obvious.

The front is 100x better, but the best one to wait for is Tatsu. This is closely followed by Goliath and Riddler’s Revenge.

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