Time of Change – Moving and Finals


My junior year is complete! It sounds far too cliche to say “It feels like just yesterday I was sitting at freshman orientation…” and I know I’ll be saying the same thing a year from now when I graduate…but it is true! I have a summer internship starting in a week, and I just finished moving into a new house. Not only did I move to an entirely new part of San Diego, but I am now living by myself.

I had never considered living by myself – even after college I thought I would prefer to have a roommate to keep the high cost of San Diego housing affordable. However, as I was looking at housing for a group, I randomly saw a listing for a studio that was much cheaper than I thought was possible. It was in Pacific Beach, a location I found appealing, so I decided to pursue it and look for more. There actually are very affordable options if you find the right deal and are willing to live with things most people won’t live with! I have no garage, no dishwasher, a mini oven with no temperature setting, no separate rooms…I hear street noise constantly and my neighbor seems to enjoy loud parties until 4 am on weeknights… but I couldn’t care LESS!

My kitchen - its actually fairly roomy

My kitchen – it is actually fairly roomy

I have always wanted to live in an easily walkable location. I didn’t grow up in one, but after I lived in London I got a taste for city living. My current place is walkable or at least bikable to everything, and is the perfect combination of “city life” and “outdoors life I craved. There is something extremely satisfying about being able to park and not have to drive anywhere for the entire weekend. The day’s possibilities are opened up to you when you don’t have to drive to get anywhere you’d like to go. So far I have only scratched the surface… I have walked to Thai food, Mexican food, Indian food, Acai/Smoothie bar, Italian food, burgers, and ice cream. That probably only proves how much I eat – at least I walked there? I’ve also been able to walk to different coffee shops to get my finals studying done, and bike to my yoga class on the beach (only five minutes)!I can walk out my front door and be at the farmers market where I love buying a new fruit/hummus/bread every week (I also love forcing Joe to buy me flowers there). I can get all my other groceries next door at the store (and there have already been some late night ice cream runs)! Lastly, the beach is right across the street! I can ride a bike up and down the entire boardwalk.

Reading at one of the beach cafes I can walk to

Reading at one of the beach cafes I can walk to

It certainly isn’t for everyone, but for me there is no better time to practice minimal and active living. I don’t own very much and therefore don’t mind being confined to my four hundred square feet of space. I have all the room I want to do yoga in the apartment  – when I won’t be doing it on the beach! The noise doesn’t bother me because it reminds me that I’m right in the center of everything. I have a parking space right in front of my door and therefore I feel safe.  I don’t have to get on the highway to go to school and I arrive in less than fifteen minutes. There is something very empowering and exciting about living on my own; especially in such a central location. Everything has worked out just the way I wanted it to, and I could not be happier. I know living here will only help me increase the adventures!

Kendall bedroom

A few thank yous:
Thank you to Vivianne for sending me a finals care package right when I needed it. What an amazing friend!

The contents of Vivianne's package to me

The contents of Vivianne’s package

Thank you to my grandpa for making the table I now have (which my mom had in college!)

It can be small or expanded for company

It can be  expanded for company

Thank you to my mom for scrounging up all her mismatched silverware and donating other household items, and my dad for making sure I had everything set up perfectly.
Thank you to Joe, for setting up my internet and letting me use his ChromeCast so I can play all my music/video on the tv from my phone!

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