401 Trail, Crested Butte, CO

401 Trail, Crested Butte, CO

Hi readers, if you’re out there!

I’m Joe, and I’ll be making up the other half of this blog. If you don’t already know me, I’m from Santa Fe, New Mexico and now live in San Diego, CA. I like to think, ski, ride bikes, hike, kayak, travel, and explore new places and experiences.

I hope for this blog to not only document our adventures, but to capture the essence of what makes the list of things above special to me. There are certain¬†moments in life that leave a disproportionate satisfaction, happiness and fullness.¬†They’re often unexpected, and impossible to manufacture. However, they’re out there, waiting to be had.

Another way of thinking about these moments is that they are like little elements of perfection in an imperfect world. They’re a time and a place that you couldn’t possibly change for the better, even if you took that moment and went back to the drawing board. Linking a set of perfect turns on skis. A perfect bite of food. A beautiful view only achieved by kayak. Relaxing in the sun with great company and French Press coffee.

I’m writing here to capture what makes these moments for me, and to hopefully inspire any readers to chase down their own moments. These moments are everywhere, but they need to be pursued and appreciated. Too often in life we can’t enjoy these moments. Sometimes we’re stuck in a passive routine, not going out of our way to seek them out. Sometimes our focus is elsewhere and we can’t appreciate what’s in front of us. I hope for each post to inspire activity rather than passivity, and an appreciation for the things and opportunities that surround us. If you take the initiative to find and do things you love, and work to enhance your appreciation for these things, happiness is sure to follow. In simpler terms, get out there and explore!

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