July 4th San Diego Style


San Diego is a great place to be for the fourth. The days are long in the summer; the water is warm and inviting, and the coast towns are alive and full of action, and this only more true for the fourth. Most of San Diego makes their way to somewhere on the water for the fourth, and for us, that meant starting our day at Kendall’s place in Pacific Beach.

We started off at the beach. A big plus about Mission and Pacific Beach is that no matter what’s going on and how crowded the area gets, there’s enough beach real estate that you can always find yourself a spot. We didn’t have to travel far south for Grand street to stake out a nice area to relax for an hour or two.

pacific beach july 4

Enjoying some sun on the beach to start out our 4th

After getting in some beach time, we headed to the Mission for our second-annual (almost traditional) Fourth of July brunch. Last year while biking around Mission Bay on the fourth, we stumbled into the Mission and found it surprisingly empty at brunch time, despite the holiday. We came back this year, and again were met with a small wait for one of our favorite breakfasts in San Diego. Check back soon for a review!

the mission

The Mission, one of our favorite breakfast spots in San Diego.

Next, we got on our bikes to brave the packed boardwalk to head over to a friend’s barbecue in Ocean Beach. It was a decently long ride over to OB in the heat of the day, but a nice way to get out and enjoy the beautiful day. We took the GoPro out so we could share just how happening the PB/Mission Bay area is for the fourth.

After making it over to the barbecue, we enjoyed a potluck dinner. Delicious burgers and dogs, pasta salad, watermelon, sangria, and cheesecake bars (recpie coming soon!) were enjoyed by all, and the good times rolled as we watched the OB fireworks from their roof-level deck.

Kendall and I at the potluck!

Kendall and I at the potluck!


Delicious Sangria!

On the bike ride back, we were lucky enough to catch the Mission Bay/Seaworld fireworks on our ride back as seen in the video. There’s fireworks all up and down the coast in San Diego county, so think about coming out this way next July. Until then, here’s hoping you had a happy fourth!

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