Gatsby Gala Dance at the Bristol (Gaslamp)

I certainly don’t frequent school activities, but The Gatsby Gala dance looked like a lot of fun. I never turn down any opportunity to dance! It was 1920’s themed and on the top floor of the Bristol hotel in Gaslamp district (downtown).

Gatsby Gala Photobooth

Gatsby Gala Photobooth

I’m pretty sure every girl has dressed up as a flapper at least once in their life (or at least a twenty-first century representation of one), so many people already had the costume for it. I was a flapper for Halloween when I was about ten, but unfortunately I do not fit into that dress anymore! Luckily, we were all able to use what we had and make it work.

We first went out to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We ended up here as we had to change our reservation last-minute, it was close to the Bristol, and they still had reservations a few hours prior! The food is not amazing, but the amount of it you get for the money certainly is! We filled up on endless iced teas, bread, salad, and spumoni.

Some of the girls at dinner

A few of us at dinner

Outside the restaurant

Outside the restaurant

To minimize the amount we spent on parking, we all crammed into one Toyota Corolla (the girl sitting on the floor with her feet under the passenger seat making sure to duck down every time we saw a cop.) It was worth it, as we had to pay $20 valet. We rode the elevator up nine floors and were immediately immersed in a world of pearls and feathers. They attempted to play a mix of current music and 1920’s music, but in a room full of college students Jason Derulo soon won out over Billie Holiday. The second half of the dance they had a local San Diego jazz band play live music. The hotel was beautifully decorated and had large glass windows of the ocean and surrounding area. The best part of the location, in my opinion, was that the roof of the hotel opened and we were suddenly dancing under the stars… with literal floor to ceiling views of the San Diego bay! This was good for two reasons: the awesome view and the much-needed cool air!

It was certainly one of those nights where you know you’ll never have an experience quite like it once you aren’t in college anymore.You’ll also never be asked again to make the “duck face” for pictures.




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