Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park

crescent meadows trees

On our Sequoia National Park Trip, Joe and I tried to see as many different types of scenery as possible. We experienced the far-reaching views from Moro Rock, the impressively large waterfall views of Tokopeh Falls, and saw both the forests and the meadows on this short hike. The majority of the trail is flat, so this hike is great for those who want scenic variety but can’t get into some of the harder-to-reach areas of the park. Bonus: not many people on this trail compared to the more popular ones.

The trail is off the Generals Highway on Crescent Meadow Road. There is a parking lot, picnic area, and bathrooms at the trailhead. The main trail is about 1.5 miles, but you can take several other trails to make the hike a bit longer and see more of the forest on the loop.


crescent meadows2

Apparently, a man named Tharp found the meadow with the help of Yukut guides in the mid-1800s. He lived in a house here until the land was made into a national park! You can actually see his old house along this trail.

We didn’t see any bears during our time here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you do!

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