Company Party at the Grand Hyatt

This year, Joe and I headed back from my home in Flagstaff, Arizona to attend his company’s holiday party. It was held in the ritzy Grand Hyatt right in the Gaslamp section of downtown San Diego. A few years ago, Joe and I had a habit of grabbing dessert at nearby Extraordinary Desserts and walking to the Hyatt to see the view from the top of the tower. It is truly spectacular; forty-one floors up you can view the San Diego bay and Coronado bridge from one side while looking into the Padres stadium from the other. Suffice it to say, a better location could not have been chosen for this holiday party.

When we arrived via Uber, we entered the floor hearing live jazz music being played and were immediately presented with different types of appetizers from the cocktail waiters/waitresses. Open bars were all around, and the patios were also open (though chilly) to get some more privacy and take in the view. Joe had insisted it would be casual, trying to wear jeans and tennis shoes, but almost every man walking around had a full suit.

We had a sit-down meal of salad, bread, and risotto (the vegetarian option) and then headed into another room for some live music and dancing. The company also gave free fake money to gamble with and earn raffle tickets for various prizes such as an iPad or a kindle. Sadly, our three raffle tickets earned us nothing.

It was a great night, and I was a little sad that next year we will only have one work party to go to instead of two as I will be working for the same company!

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