Above the Beautiful Town of Dubrovnik via the Cable Car

After seeing what I thought would be the most breathtaking views of the entire trip at Plitvice, we hopped on a a plane from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. Luckily air travel in Croatia is extremely cheap; Croatia is a small country, but it is very long and Dubrovnik is at the bottom. It had been rainy and foggy during our brief time in Zagreb and Plitvice, so when I saw the sun as we flew into Dubrovnik I was instantly excited.

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Congress Trail in Sequoia National Park


You shouldn’t go to Sequoia National Park without a quick visit to Congress Trail. This is probably the most popular trail, but contains a few points of interest that can’t be missed. Luckily, this trail is right off the main road through the park and accessible for everyone. Walking the whole loop can be done quickly and easily as it is only a few miles of fairly flat trail. Even though the path is paved, the forest around it remains virtually untouched and there are many strange arrangements of redwoods standing, fallen, or scarred by fire. Many of the trees are named for presidents and other important historical figures. Here are the highlights…

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Crescent Meadow in Sequoia National Park

crescent meadows trees

On our Sequoia National Park Trip, Joe and I tried to see as many different types of scenery as possible. We experienced the far-reaching views from Moro Rock, the impressively large waterfall views of Tokopeh Falls, and saw both the forests and the meadows on this short hike. The majority of the trail is flat, so this hike is great for those who want scenic variety but can’t get into some of the harder-to-reach areas of the park. Bonus: not many people on this trail compared to the more popular ones.

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Ghost Tour in Gaslamp San Diego


Do you believe in ghosts? Can’t say I do, but I can tell you that a ghost tour is an awesome way to learn about history. When you go on a ghost tour, you aren’t presented with dry facts that you could stare at on Wikipedia. You get tales full of colorful details, presented with theatrics and a certain ambiance that a typical history tour, book or website just can’t deliver . There’s nothing like a chilling story to help your eyes peal back the onion of modern development and imagine the history that 150 year old buildings have seen.

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Christmas in San Diego: What to Do


When you think of Christmas, you probably picture snow-covered pine trees, a crackling fire, and brisk winter air. Fun Christmas activities might include ice skating, sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding, and perhaps even a sleigh ride.  As I grew up in a small ski town, this is certainly what I picture when I think of Christmas. Needless to say, most of these activities are unavailable in actual San Diego city limits – although we might consider the 60-degree nights “brisk winter air.” Fortunately, San Diego offers a wide array of Christmas activities to put you in the Christmas spirit; some of which are unique to San Diego! Read on to know what the “must-do’s” in San Diego for Christmas are.

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A Weekend in Vegas – Our Tips


Vegas is the number one weekend destination from Southern California, and it’s little wonder. A international tourist destination unlike any other, only a few hours drive away. And while we heartily recommend a trip to Las Vegas as one you won’t soon forget, there isn’t a destination where the saying “a fool and his money are easily parted” could be more pertinent. As such, we’re bringing our Tourist Traps you Should Get Caught In feature back with a few tips on how we did an epic three day weekend for two in Vegas, including a luxury on-strip hotel, a Cirque du Soleil show, a concert, and delicious meals and for slightly over $500.

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July 4th San Diego Style


San Diego is a great place to be for the fourth. The days are long in the summer; the water is warm and inviting, and the coast towns are alive and full of action, and this only more true for the fourth. Most of San Diego makes their way to somewhere on the water for the fourth, and for us, that meant starting our day at Kendall’s place in Pacific Beach.

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Time for another entry in our Tourist Traps You Should Get Caught In feature! This time, we’ll be covering perhaps the number one tourist trap in San Diego: SeaWorld. This is place is the epitome of a tourist trap. Parking costs a hard earned Andrew Jackson, soda is sold in plastic memorabilia cups by the fistful, and stuffed Orcas are stacked sky-high in their plastic bins, in a scene reminiscent of Blackfish. But yes, we’re officially going on the record as recommending this tourist trap. As usual, it’s all about how you approach it.

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A Visit to the Carlsbad Flower Fields

Flower Fields

For most of my life I have staunchly declared that I hate flowers. They don’t last long enough, they are a waste of money, and they are certainly not useful. My dislike was strong enough that different dates have often given me chocolate instead of the customary flowers (although I graciously accepted flowers when they were unaware). As I think about visiting the flower fields as a young child, I am reminded of a feeling of extreme boredom. Strolling through fifty acres of Rananculus flowers? For hours? I don’t think the 1,500 square foot green house filled with Poinsettias held my attention either. Not even the views of the Pacific Ocean from the fields could impress me at that age. Perhaps the tractor ride would have been fun, but at $5 a person my parents would not have taken me on it.


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Hornblower Dinner/Brunch Cruises

San Diego Skyline from Brunch Cruise

I think it’s time for a new feature on the blog. We’ll file these under “Tourist Traps You Should Get Caught In”, and man are we going to start it off right today. Now, you may think that someone suggesting any tourist trap should be pursued deserves to spend eternity running laps around the Colosseum in Rome, while being allowed only to find nourishment at a restaurant right in front called Luigi’s – where the decor consists of a fat and short mustached chef sculpture and the menus are printed in English (!) . However, I promise that I hate tourist traps an adequate amount for being a true adventure seeker like we claim to be around here – so give me a chance!

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