Birthday: Disneyland and The Ritz

Toast at Dublin 4 Gastropub

Last weekend I drove up to Laguna Hills (about an hour North) to celebrate my friend Cassidy’s 21st birthday. I wanted to share a few pictures from the weekend.

As soon as I arrived on Friday, we went to a trendy Irish pub where Cassidy had her ID inspected for the very first time. We had some delicious foods and desserts – such as Guinness flavored ice cream and orange bread pudding. The backyard of Cassidy’s house has an in ground jacuzzi overlooking a beautiful green canyon, which we enjoyed before going to sleep.

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Common College Student Problems – Indecision


I’ve battled the frustration of indecision countless times when major life decisions present themselves. I couldn’t choose which college I wanted to attend until literally the last minute. I couldn’t decide what I wanted to major in and finally went off of a suggestion from a family member. When my current boyfriend said we should finally start dating, I told him “I don’t know.” Life-altering decisions are not easy for anyone, but I put off these decisions scarily well. Continue reading

Adventure in Everyday Life

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai,HI

Kilauea Lighthouse, Kauai, Hawaii

A sense of adventure is something many of us either feel like we have or we don’t. No one sits on middle ground here; we are adventurous or we are not. Those people that cliff dive…those people are adventurous. Those people that surf in forty-foot waves…those people are adventurous. Adventure is something we too often reserve for associations with extreme sports and life-threatening situations.

I, however, consider adventure to be a word synonymous with exploration. And everyone should have a sense of adventure in their life.

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