Fossil Creek, AZ


On the tail end of a recent trip out to Flagstaff, Kendall’s sister invited us along to the new hot spot near Flagstaff for getting out of the summer heat. While it is a long and rough dirt road in, you are rewarded with a surprisingly large amount of water and beautiful hiking and rock formations as you walk along the creek. The centerpiece of the trip is the waterfall and swimming hole, which is slightly over a miles’ hike from the closest parking lot (there are several, so keep driving until the road ends if you’re heading to the falls). Of course, we took the GoPro out to film the action – click through to see some highlights from the trip.

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Weekend With the Family

Joe out on the cliffs

Last weekend, my parents came out to visit San Diego from Arizona. Every time they visit we try to incorporate something new, but it is getting harder and harder the longer I live in San Diego. Luckily, I keep exploring more of San Diego and have a spreadsheet bluntly entitled “Places to Take Parents.” Unfortunately, this visit was too short to do some of the things I had on the list (snorkeling/kayaking in La Jolla cove was among them), but we of course had an amazing visit nonetheless. Much of the time was simply spent sitting out on the porch, catching up with some good espresso and tea.

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Beautiful Bay Bike Ride


When I first came to college, I didn’t have a car. My desire for exploration (and a setting other than my college campus) was high, however, so I biked around quite a bit. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy grandparent, I’ll tell you that I often powered up the towering hill to my school with a 900-page calculus book and a heavy ancient laptop on my back (a few times in the rain!). Recruiting others to go with me was difficult, as the extremely steep hill you must climb to get back to campus intimidated most people. Luckily Joe has never required any coercing to go on a bike ride. One of my favorite bike rides in San Diego, which I did many times from school before having a car, is right along the San Diego bay.

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K1 Speed Go Karts


A good adventure often has a bit of an adrenaline rush involved. There’s something about stepping outside your comfort zone – pushing beyond the boundaries of what you are easily comfortable doing, and enjoying the thrill and sense of accomplishment that goes along with that. Speed and acceleration are great ways to push that boundary, and while skiing and mountain biking are my normal fixes, go karting offers an accessible and entertaining way to go faster and turn harder than you’re used to. With Kendall’s family in town and her dad’s birthday needing to be celebrated, we figured a trip to K1 Speed in Carlsbad was in order.

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July 4th San Diego Style


San Diego is a great place to be for the fourth. The days are long in the summer; the water is warm and inviting, and the coast towns are alive and full of action, and this only more true for the fourth. Most of San Diego makes their way to somewhere on the water for the fourth, and for us, that meant starting our day at Kendall’s place in Pacific Beach.

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Cedar Creek Falls – Hike or Death March?


A few years ago, Joe and I spent our first weekend away together in Julian, CA. He planned the entire trip and made it a surprise, even though my curious mind begged him for details. His gave me one hint: apple. I would easily be able to guess the destination given that hint now, but at the time I had not been in San Diego long and had yet to hear of Julian. I was therefore surprised and didn’t know what to expect from the weekend once we arrived. Unwisely, the first thing Joe had on the agenda was the Cedar Creek Falls hike. The temperature was approaching one hundred when we descended into the canyon toward the waterfall. I was impressed by the mountains around us as we walked, and was not expecting a waterfall even though Joe had told me to wear my swimsuit. The water was extremely cold, but it felt great after the hot three miles down. I thought this weekend is going to be awesome. Then we had to go back up.

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Kenley’s Graduation

kenley grad hat

This past weekend, Joe and I took a quick trip back to Flagstaff to see my little sister graduate from high school. We arrived about 11:30 on Friday night, so the fun didn’t start until the next morning (because I can’t actually remember arriving). My parents just bought a hot tub, so Joe and I woke up early as usual to try it out. Everyone soon arrived at our house for peaches and cream french toast – we used a friend’s house to accommodate all the guests. Upon hearing that Kenley was a bit nervous for her graduation, Joe and I set off on a coffee mission to get her out of bed in time for breakfast!  Joe then left to go mountain biking with a friend (he came back saying he only went over the handlebars once!) while I had the chance to catch up with my family.

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San Diego in a Day – Seasoned Edition


Recently, my dad and brother came through San Diego for a whirlwind trip. They were heading up to the Bay Area in a hurry for Kevin to start his internship, so we attempted to make the most of the one day we had to get out and enjoy San Diego on a typical beautiful May weekend. As they’ve visited me quite a few times since I’ve been living in San Diego, we have to try a bit harder these days to show them new things in San Diego; we couldn’t pull your average Balboa/SeaWorld/La Jolla whirlwind tour. As such, the following would be a good one day itinerary to take your out-of-town guests on that are a little more experienced with San Diego.

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Time for another entry in our Tourist Traps You Should Get Caught In feature! This time, we’ll be covering perhaps the number one tourist trap in San Diego: SeaWorld. This is place is the epitome of a tourist trap. Parking costs a hard earned Andrew Jackson, soda is sold in plastic memorabilia cups by the fistful, and stuffed Orcas are stacked sky-high in their plastic bins, in a scene reminiscent of Blackfish. But yes, we’re officially going on the record as recommending this tourist trap. As usual, it’s all about how you approach it.

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