Beautiful Bay Bike Ride


When I first came to college, I didn’t have a car. My desire for exploration (and a setting other than my college campus) was high, however, so I biked around quite a bit. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy grandparent, I’ll tell you that I often powered up the towering hill to my school with a 900-page calculus book and a heavy ancient laptop on my back (a few times in the rain!). Recruiting others to go with me was difficult, as the extremely steep hill you must climb to get back to campus intimidated most people. Luckily Joe has never required any coercing to go on a bike ride. One of my favorite bike rides in San Diego, which I did many times from school before having a car, is right along the San Diego bay.

There are many places to start this ride. As I mentioned, I did it from Point Loma often enough, but anywhere along Harbor Drive is a good starting point. My parents were visiting this weekend, so we decided to get a delicious breakfast at Con Pane and ride from Liberty Station to the Little Italy Farmer’s Market. I would definitely recommend this, as parking in Little Italy can be as expensive as $10 if you aren’t lucky enough to find a nearby meter. Make sure to bring a backpack so you can take back all sorts of delicious farmer’s market goods! If it isn’t a Saturday, there are plenty of other reasons to bike downtown: the amazing ocean views, seaport village, Little Italy food and other delicious restaurants, a Padres Game perhaps?

kendall on bike

There are benches along the way to stop and enjoy the beautiful views. Try not to get too disappointed that you own a bicycle as you watch all of the boats out on the water!

Beautiful view of the bay in the background

Beautiful view of the bay in the background

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