Christmas 2014 in Flagstaff


This year Joe and I were lucky enough to have one Christmas in Flagstaff, AZ and another in Santa Fe, NM. Funnily enough, these two towns share similar climate and small-town feel. While we were in Flagstaff, we woke up to over a foot of snow. Though it snowed all of New Years Eve and ruined our New Years plans, we were both glad to get a “White Christmas” before we headed back to ever-sunny San Diego.

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Christmas in San Diego: What to Do


When you think of Christmas, you probably picture snow-covered pine trees, a crackling fire, and brisk winter air. Fun Christmas activities might include ice skating, sledding, skiing and/or snowboarding, and perhaps even a sleigh ride.  As I grew up in a small ski town, this is certainly what I picture when I think of Christmas. Needless to say, most of these activities are unavailable in actual San Diego city limits – although we might consider the 60-degree nights “brisk winter air.” Fortunately, San Diego offers a wide array of Christmas activities to put you in the Christmas spirit; some of which are unique to San Diego! Read on to know what the “must-do’s” in San Diego for Christmas are.

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Go See The Hunchback of Notre Dame at The La Jolla Playhouse



There are numerous reasons I’ve been waiting excitedly for months to go see The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have been a fan of the Disney movie, on which the play is partially based, since childhood. Every time I re-watch it, however, I realize just how dark the tone and themes of the story are and wonder why millions of children love the Disney movie so much. I consider it the darkest Disney  movie, which is probably why it has always been my favorite.

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Ten Reasons You Should Go to Oceanfront Yoga

oceanfront yoga

One of my favorite weekend activities, when I am in town, is going to oceanfront yoga at the end of Law Street in Pacific Beach. I can walk there in ten minutes, but I used to drive to the class before I lived in Pacific Beach – so don’t let living elsewhere be your excuse.

Here are ten reasons to go to Oceanfront yoga:

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Senior Year?!?!

I know it has been a good length of time since my last blog post, and it has been difficult to keep in close contact with everyone lately, so I thought I would write to update my family about my start back to school. I can’t believe I am a senior; it has actually made me strangely nostalgic. I see the big groups of freshman girls walking around campus with the cafeteria ice cream cones and I remember being one of those girls. I remember going everywhere with my entire hall, like every other freshman, and not missing a single campus activity that served food or frozen yogurt. I also remember marveling almost daily at the sun setting over the ocean (I always got a great view on the walk back to my dorm.) The best part about being a freshman is that you’re constantly meeting someone new and making a new friend; how exciting was life back then! Though I never missed freshman year until now, dwelling mainly on thoughts about dorming, I do have to say I miss pieces of it. Here I am starting school my first day of college.  Continue reading

Telluride and Moab Trip


In the time between the end of my summer internship and the start of school, I was able to visit my family in Arizona. After a fun trip to Lake Powell and then Fossil Creek, we took off for a camping trip. Though we were only gone for five days, we enjoyed Telluride, Moab, and Monument Valley. I took some pictures on my phone to share.

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Summer 2014 Almost Over

crystal cove flip flops

As I write this, I’m just beginning to enjoy the part of the summer I have been most looking forward to. For another three weeks I am free to wake up at any time I please, spend an entire morning reading a book, or stay out late without having to feel sluggish doing “thinking” work the next day. (I am also free to work on my 21-item to do list). My co-writer is quick to remind me that the time I have before school starts is the entire sum of vacation he is allotted per year. He is also quick to remind me that this will most likely be true for me next year, so rest assured I am making the most of this break.

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Weekend With the Family

Joe out on the cliffs

Last weekend, my parents came out to visit San Diego from Arizona. Every time they visit we try to incorporate something new, but it is getting harder and harder the longer I live in San Diego. Luckily, I keep exploring more of San Diego and have a spreadsheet bluntly entitled “Places to Take Parents.” Unfortunately, this visit was too short to do some of the things I had on the list (snorkeling/kayaking in La Jolla cove was among them), but we of course had an amazing visit nonetheless. Much of the time was simply spent sitting out on the porch, catching up with some good espresso and tea.

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Beautiful Bay Bike Ride


When I first came to college, I didn’t have a car. My desire for exploration (and a setting other than my college campus) was high, however, so I biked around quite a bit. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy grandparent, I’ll tell you that I often powered up the towering hill to my school with a 900-page calculus book and a heavy ancient laptop on my back (a few times in the rain!). Recruiting others to go with me was difficult, as the extremely steep hill you must climb to get back to campus intimidated most people. Luckily Joe has never required any coercing to go on a bike ride. One of my favorite bike rides in San Diego, which I did many times from school before having a car, is right along the San Diego bay.

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Scheduled Summer

June is over. I am sad that the first of my precious summer months slipped away so quickly, but I think I put in a solid effort to make each and every day count. The weekends were busy with trips to place likes Palm Springs and Julian, but the weekdays were even busier as I packed in a combination of work, friends, studying, and activities. I’ve also been meeting my health and fitness goals for the summer thus far. To do all of this, I’ve had to optimize my time very carefully. How do I keep track of all this? Spreadsheets and very careful planning.

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